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Now they are squaring up to the technological challenge.现在,它们于是以勇气面临技术挑战。
本文摘要:Now they are squaring up to the technological challenge.现在,它们于是以勇气面临技术挑战。

Now they are squaring up to the technological challenge.现在,它们于是以勇气面临技术挑战。Mid-sized companies globally are making progress on the internet of things in manufacturing. 在把物联网用作制造业方面,全球各地的中型企业于是以获得进展。In Japan, excavator maker Komatsu runs factories that receive data from diggers in use by customers to improve efficiency and reliability. 在日本,挖掘机制造商小泊(Komatsu)经营的工厂从客户用于中的挖掘机接收数据,以提高效率和可靠性。

At Swedish industrial group Sandvik, sensor technology is monitoring remote equipment from offshore drill rigs to rock crushing machines.瑞典工业集团山特维克(Sandvik)用于传感器技术监测从海上钻机到岩石破碎机等远程设备。But most experts believe German midsized companies, with a history of innovation and decades of experience, are ahead. 但大多数专家坚信,享有创意历史和数十年经验的德国中型企业正处于领先地位。Hermann Simon, a Bonn-based consultant who has studied the Mittelstand for 30 years, says in this group Industrie 4.0 is ...taken very seriously. 在波恩工作的顾问赫尔曼.西蒙(Hermann Simon)研究德国中小型企业约30年,他回应,这些企业十分坦率地对待……工业4.0。

Ailke Heidemann, of the Stuttgart office of Boston Consulting Group, says Mittelstand companies with backgrounds in mechanical engineering are working urgently to bring on to their payrolls the experts they need in digitisation and data.波士顿咨询集团(BCG)斯图加特办公室的艾克.海德曼(Ailke Heidemann)回应,享有机械工程背景的德国中小型企业于是以集中力量召募它们必须的数字化和数据领域专家。Here are three examples of Mittelstand businesses — each family-owned and more than a century old — approaching a new era for industry.以下是3个于是以迈入工业新时代的德国中小型企业的例子——每一个都是家族企业,并享有多达100年的历史。Digital farming数字化农业At Claas, Mr Kriszun says the company’s 300 software engineers, out of a global workforce of more than 11,000, are its most important employees. Claas的克里斯尊回应,在该公司全球各地逾1.1万名员工中,300名软件工程师是最重要的员工。

We are seeing many opportunities [in electronics and software] that weren’t available five years ago, he says.我们看见了很多(电子和软件方面的)机会,5年前这些机会还不不存在,他说道。The company has spent EURO2m on developing ways to automatically transmit information via satellite networks from the harvesters operating in fields to farmers or grain experts thousands of kilometres away, bringing to farms the sort of continual remote monitoring that is routine in many factories.该公司投放200万欧元研发通过卫星网络将信息从田间作业的收割机自动传输到农民或者数千公里以外的谷物专家那里的方法,从而把许多工厂中少见的倒数远程监测带回农场。It has produced an app for smartphones that operators of combine harvesters can use to help control machines or learn to do this better — and even leave them to operate alone. 该公司研发了一款智能手机应用于,联合收割机的操作者可以利用这款应用于辅助机器掌控,或者理解如何更佳地操作者机器——甚至让这些机器自行运作。

Mr Kriszun points out that the 103-year old company is used to change.克里斯尊认为,这家具有103年历史的公司早已习惯转变。We’ve had to adapt a lot, so [in taking up the new digital ideas] we’re not really doing anything that new.仍然以来我们被迫适应环境很多东西,因此(就拒绝接受新的数字化创新而言)我们并没确实做到什么十分新的事情。